Honey Bees = Community

Honey Bees = Community

At first, most people are slightly hung up on how to pronounce Mellifera Homestead. In all honesty, the scientific name for the honey bee threw us off for a time ourselves. So you ask, why did we choose such a difficult name?

We live on, gain from, and work with our homestead as a whole; one specific element should not be and certainly is not central to our happiness and success. You’re thinking then maybe we should not have put the focus on the honey bee. But wait just a second, let me clarify our reasoning. We had to choose a name after all, right?

We want to be an interactive part of our community, helping people live naturally and in a deeply healthy way. We produce clean beehive bodycare goodies, veggies, herbs, and eggs to share. Thus, the community supports us and, with this support, we are able to provide for the creatures on our homestead.

We wanted to choose a name that defines what we are about. From our observations, the honey bee is synonymous with community. Here is why.

The honey bees are an integral part of our homestead community. They not only provide us with delicious honey and beeswax, but they also pollinate much of what we grow, as well as the surrounding trees, the wildflowers, and the “weeds”. The veggies and herbs feed us, some of you, and the chickens. The trees shade the bees and the chickens, and produce a nutrient rich mulch that gets recycled into the soil. The wildflowers and weeds feed the chickens, attract pollinators, and make the earth beautiful. And then most of that in return feeds us. We are able to close many circles here. See, the bees get around the homestead and tie things together.

Now you ask, why concentrate so heavily on just a single pollinator? Well, we already have the bees, don’t we? Yes. We got them a while back for the sole purpose of harvesting honey. Time changes things and we quickly saw that there is much more to the bees then just that liquid gold. They are amazing insects in their own right, so we continue to help them be strong and healthy so they can continue to contribute to the homestead.

We also must admit that we keep the bees for a slightly selfish reason. We love them. They make us happy, sad, and provide us with what we need. And, just to clarify, we welcome all pollinators by planting and providing a variety of plants and habitats. If you don’t believe me, come by and see for yourself!

Even though we can’t give just one aspect of our homestead full credit, we still feel that we chose wisely in deciding to use the scientific name of the European honey bee, Mellifera, as our mascot and namesake. They provide tremendously here at the homestead. They are our role models; if we can mimic them and contribute to our local community just a fraction of what they do, then we will feel that we have accomplished what we set out to do.

Thanks for reading, Vy

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