My Daily Cleansing Routine

My Daily Cleansing Routine

After I determined what I was able take into my body (i.e., whole foods), I started taking a good look at what I put on my body. Over the past couple of years, I have slowly been able to swap many of the commercial products I used with wholesome, natural, and nourishing replacements.

I am always learning from other people about new and healthy ways to do things, so I thought you might like to know what I use daily. Here is my body care routine:

My day starts when a hungry kitty meows loudly into my ear. I stagger to the bathroom and brush my teeth, though I still have not replaced toothpaste and mouthwash with natural alternatives (I know, I’m working on it!). There are a number of recipes out there, I just have not tried any. If you have tried one and like it, please share!

Sleepy kitty
It's not cute at 5 a.m.

In the shower, I use a bar of homemade soap and liquid honey shampoo. That’s it. After I switched to natural goodies, I was able to significantly reduce the number of products (not to mention the toxins and chemicals) I use, which helps my body and saves some money.

The shampoo transition was a bit scary. It took a while for my hair to adjust and get to a manageable state. I started with a baking soda and essential oil combo wash and a raw apple cider vinegar rinse, but I just could not get this to work for me. After a couple of weeks of greasy-looking, rough, uncomfortable hair, I gave up on that routine and I made honey shampoo, which I have been really enjoying. It is a combination of homemade liquid coconut oil soap, honey, and beneficial essential oils.

If you’re interested in trying honey shampoo, you can make a similar version yourself.

DIY Honey Shampoo:

  • 1/2 cup castile soap
  • 1 cup raw local honey
  • 1.5 tsp essential oils (optional)

In the morning, I do not wash my face with any kind of soap or cleanser. I battled breakouts in the past but I have been enjoying clear skin after taking a hard look at my diet and face cleansing routine. Because I oil cleanse at night, my face is clean when I wake up and I just rinse my face in the shower with warm water.

I nourish and moisturize my face, body, and lips with our handmade goodies. I love using beeswax-based moisturizers containing grass-fed tallow, coconut oil, jojoba oil, sunflower, safflower, and/or sweet almond oils.

Deodorant has been another personal battle. I have formulated and experimented with a number of different combinations, and even tested an apply-with-your-fingers, creamy deodorant. We finally settled on an all-natural, aluminum- and paraben-free, beeswax deodorant stick.

Finally, make-up. I have not been able to find replacements for my eyeliner and mascara. ANY suggestions on replacements would be really appreciated!

At night, I like to get to bed quickly so I try not to do too much. I brush my teeth, and I wash my face with the oil cleansing method. My skin has improved significantly since starting to clean with oils. If I do have a blemish, I do a quick spot treatment with essential oils or an Acne Away Blemish Stick and I tend to my old breakout scars with a lemon salve. Right before bed, I moisturize my hands and feet with beeswax tallow balm and my lips with beeswax lip balm.

Lip balms and sticks lined up
Running out is not part of the routine.

The scar treatment lemon salve is easy to put together.

Lemon Salve:

  • 2 tbs jojoba, olive, or sweet almond oil
  • 18 drops lemon essential oil

Apply to old blemish scars and dark spots. Use at night and do not go into the sun after applying, as the lemon essential oil makes the skin sensitive to sunlight.

About once a week, I like to pamper myself with a relaxing bath. At the same time, I like to put on a bentonite clay mask and a honey hair mask. The clay masks are so useful and really leave my face feeling and looking clean, as they remove dirt and impurities and cleanse pores deeply. The honey hair mask is simply a mixture of water, honey, lavender and tea tree essential oils that I rub into my scalp, work to the ends of my hair, and let sit for 30 minutes.

For the bentonite clay mask, mix bentonite clay with raw apple cider vinegar until you get a consistency that you like. Apply a thin layer on your face. When the clay is hard (after about 10 minutes), rinse off with warm water and a clean wash cloth. Repeat the washing until all the clay is removed. A slight reddening of the skin may occur but should disappear in about 30 minutes. You can add essential oils, nourishing oils, or honey to the masks for additional healing benefits.

Vy doing a spot treatment
Too much paleo chocolate cake means it's time for a much-needed clay mask spot treatment.

I also occasionally exfoliate my face (DIY microdermabrasion!) to clear up dark pores with baking soda or a honey salt scrub.

Baking Soda Exfoliator:

  • 2 tsp naturally-extracted baking soda (I really like Bob’s Red Mill)
  • 1 tsp coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, or sweet almond oil
  • 2 drops essential oil (optional, I like lavender)

I hope this helps you move closer to a healthy, wholesome body care routine.

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