Beehive Goodies

Beehive Goodies

Body Care Goodies, Straight from the Beehive

Mellifera Homestead beehive body care goodies can be found in our online shop and at the following locations:

We use local, raw beeswax and honey in our products. No chemicals are put on our hives because we are committed to using sustainable management techniques. This is good for our bees, the environment, and all of us. When we supplement with honey or wax from other apiaries, we work with the beekeepers personally to learn about their beehive management practices to ensure that all hive products are free of chemicals.

The dried calendula, which is used in the organic olive oil infusion, as well as other herbs are grown using deep organic practices right here at Mellifera Homestead.

The lard and tallow are rendered by hand using fat from pastured pigs and 100% grass-fed cows. The animals are raised by conscientious local farmers that we have visited and spent time with.

Suppliers of other ingredients, including the essential oils, have confirmed that they do not test on animals and that the ingredients do not contain synthetic fillers, artificial colors, or parabens. We avoid using carrier and essential oils that are solvent extracted.

We use these products personally and want only the best for our bodies. And we’re honored by the trust so many of you place in us to handle such an important part of your lives. Thanks for being part of our journey!